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It turns out Watches is indeed Lenderthorn, the leader of the only expedition to leave the Arctic-American coast in recent months. The weirdly white-skinned man, so the radiogram informed, had arrived mysteriously into the settlement some months ago. Ool had carried a strange pair of black goggles. He had been acting strangely seeming to have not the slightest idea of what modern life was like, and being unable to speak any intelligible language. But during the short time he had remained there, he had learned language and customs with amazing rapidity.

He had refused to divulge much information about himself except to infer vaguely that he had come from off the Arctic ice pack, which was obviously a lie, it being regarded as an impossibility. He had disappeared from the settlement as mysteriously as he had come.

With Ham as a hostage, he makes his escape, leaving Ham behind. Doc somehow manages to beat Ool back to the yacht in time to become Dimiter again, pressing year-old brandy and cigars on the entering pair. Despite this pleasant hospitality, they grow suspicious and decide to kill Dimiter by shaking hands.

Watches worked his jaw spasmodically, trying to talk. When he wrenched words out, they came in a horse rasp. In the ensuing struggle, we find that Watches has derived his name not just from his love of the object:. The mechanism had been removed from the case and a quantity of molten lead inserted. Bowen could hurl the watch as accurately as he could aim a revolver. The leaded watch plummeted toward Monk with the speed of a projectile. Monk ducked as the missile struck his chair.

The watch splintered entirely through the thin wcker of the boat chair and struck Monk lightly on the chest. The criminals escape in a speedboat. Soon after, they take off in a plane, headed northwest. Monk has Habeas Corpus along as well. Doc explains that in his role as Dimiter, he discovered bills for a device that monitors for static disturbances and has created his own. They land in Point Barrow and confer briefly with an old Scotch trader who sheltered Ool when he first arrived. A hodge-podge of noises, conventional static disturbances, came through the loud-speaker.

There were buzzes and burrs and whines and crackles. But they could have been duplicated at almost any point on the earth. Guided by static, they head in a more westerly direction. Monk, fiddling with the black goggles, puts them on and discovers something even stranger, only visible when wearing them: a writhing column of apparent fire erupting from a spot on the ice.

At closer range, the thing which seemed to be fire took on more detail. There seemed to be a living, liquid, white-hot core swelling out smoothly in a golden blush, tinged with flashes of opalescence — glazed yellows, purples, red, greens, and blues. The predominating tone, however, was golden; not so much the gold of solid flame, but a thick fog in which every separate particle of moisture was a floating globule of gold.

At about the hundred-foot level, the writhing pillar, in a thinning golden haze, blurred into nothingness. Doc and his men try to make a break for it during one such moment. Before they get to their objective, the plane spots them and machine bullets fly. They duck for cover and the criminals land, intent on mayhem. Outnumbered, Doc and company fall back into the crevice, which widens into a place of such solemnity that Monk and Ham must immediately start bantering:.

Stalactites and stalagmites looked like massive ivory columns. There were whole domes of crystalline formation which glittered like massed diamonds under the prying glare of the flashlight beams. Some of the rooms were cathedral arched, and so high that the white pencil paths of light from the hand flashes could not delineate them. Ool guides them through the Stygian gloom, tossing back sundry remarks over his shoulder:.

No man penetrates them far and comes out alive. She had long flowing hair, gold in hue, and she was clothed in some sort of gossamery stuff which clung close, moulding lithesome curves as she ran. She wore goggles with enormously thick lenses. They capture her. Something begins knocking their flashlights from their hands and then attacking them in the darkness. There, in the cavern of unknown terror, something soft and slimy enveloped them, an odious material at which they tore helplessly, accomplishing nothing by their most desperate efforts.

They could not use the machine pistols. The material, whatever it was, pressed closer and closer to their faces with a softly insidious force which burned their eyes, seared their throats, and imparted weakness to their limbs. One by one, they fell to the floor of the cavern, tumbling down and squirming grotesquely to grow weaker and weaker and eventually became slack.

From all sides their clothing was plucked as though by tiny pinchers, and tiny, hammerlike blows rained on their faces and bodies. New sounds broke through the blackness, strange, unintelligible sounds — squeaks, hushed whistlings, harsh clackings. They manage to find their way to a door and get outside, where they find themselves in the middle of a dark mushroom forest.

The invisible thing attacks them again; this time Doc is prepared with a pair of goggles:. Instantly, to his gaze, the air became filled with a weird, golden yellow haze. The blackness vanished!

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In its place there was the fantastic golden aura, shot through and through with a faint opalescence. After the first moment or two, Doc began to identify objects in the uncanny light. He saw the ghost-stuff which his aides were fighting. He recognized it for what it was — a gigantic species of the fungus growth which dangles like soft moss from decaying overhead timbers in coal mines. This fungus, Doc knew, thrives on a total absence of light.

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This particular growth, revealed to Doc through the black goggles, had obviously been cultivated in the exotic cavern, and had attained gigantic proportions, reaching tensile strength. The black things turn out to be man shaped; a multitude of them overwhelms Doc.

The Night Land

She stood there like a fairy book figure seen through a golden autumn haze. The curves of her youthful body were alluring, revealed by a clinging robe. Her golden hair, silken heaps of it, fell down to her waist and seemed a part of her diaphanous garb. Her lips were perfect, her features exquisitely chiseled. Her appearance was marred only by the presence of a pair of the grotesque goggles. In pardonable feminine vanity she removed the goggles. For a moment while she flipped imaginary dust from their thick lenses. The effect to the battery of admiring masculine eyes was annihilating. Unimpressed, Doc explains the scientific phenomenon which produces the glow.

He tries to speak to the girl, but they do not share a language. She leads them into another roomWhere they find her two bodyguards resemble Ool. Sona orders a feast of mushrooms and shows them around the underground city. On all sides, bathed in the soft golden haze, smooth walls towered.

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They were white, and shimmered in the golden atmosphere. Just as inside the room they had left everything was laid out in strict geometrical conformity — here straight lines and broad sweeping curves were beautiful in their gaunt simplicity. Also, being cramped as to quantity of building materials, they have abandoned all frills and false fronts. In every instance, they have used the least amount of material possible for the purpose. They continue to explore the futuristic city, when they are interrupted by the sound of machine guns.

They race to the source of the sound, an attack on the Central Mechanical Plant. A cavern dweller, looking out, sighted the bronze man. The observer was a woman, a housewifely sort of person who looked as if her life might be devoted to the care of her man and her children. This occurred only a few stories from the top of the building. In the dark and silence, poison darts are flung at them, knocking some unconscious. As they make their way downward, Watches is unnerved for a moment when he thinks he counts an extra gang member. But they make it to safety, whereupon one of the gang members requests an infodump: what are they doing there?

When someone spots Savage in the shadows, Ool sets a trap for him. For once, Doc falls into the trap. He grabs Ool only to find himself surrounded by twenty other men. Doc is taken prisoner and finds himself locked up with his men. Anos, father of the girl Sona, wore a red cape as mark of high position. Anos, the dictator, occupied a low, thronelike affair which stood near a design on the throne room floor, a mammoth fourteen-pointed star inlaid with an opalescent substance.

Around the points of the store were arrayed the chairs of the government council, the Nonverid, the members of which wore slightly less gaudy capes. We find out that Ool was exiled for attempting to take over the government. Though the raid was eventually repulsed, it had profound physical and psychological consequences for its citizens.

The raid amplified the enmity which the Land of Night's citizens held for the Land of Water, and spurred them to create Yamiji Village for defensive purposes. This hatred later also spawned the organization known as An'un, which collaborates directly with the village. Main article: Yamiji Village. It was created to serve as the country's primary military force, the need for which coming into being after the country was raided by Kirigakure ninja. It serves as a home and training grounds for the majority of the shinobi population of the Land of the Night.

The village itself is surrounded by numerous hills and is perennially overcast, both of which lend a peaceful, yet melancholy atmosphere to the village. The latter, however, Yamiji village is anything but, owing to the warm nature of its inhabitants. Due to the great enmity which the citizens of this village hold for the Land of Water, Yamiji was responsible for the formation of the An'un , an organization whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc on the latter country. Despite claiming to do otherwise, Yamiji hosts and collaborates directly with this organization, as every An'un member is a resident of it.

Main article: Violent Wave Barrier Corps. Four squads, positioned at the northernmost, easternmost, southernmost and westernmost points of the Land of the Night, use a technique which creates massive rotating columns of water, which in turn cause violent currents to form in the waters surrounding the island.

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No ship can enter or leave the country while the technique is in operation. The Land of the Night has created many unprecedented technological innovations, foremost amongst these being their sailing vessels and the armaments which those vessels carry. Its citizens possess adroit shipbuilding skills, necessitated by the turbulent waters which surround the island.

These require incredibly robust vessels to traverse, and as such, the watercraft produced by the Land of Night are unsurpassed by any other nation in terms of speed, durability, and weaponry. These vessels are well-armed, with ballistae and their advanced variants being mounted on most of them.

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The Ninja Ballista is a powerful weapon, which is discharged by its operator sending chakra into it. What's on. Hotels and more. Seasons and climate. Travel tips A-Z. Green travel. Getting here. Getting around. Round trips. Safety first. Travelling with disabilities. About Norway. The phenomenon has at least made a lasting impression on several Norwegian artists and writers. Travel to the areas above the Arctic Circle in Norway and live these moments yourself.

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer in places south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle — including Northern Norway. The earth is rotating at a tilted axis relative to the sun, and during the summer months, the North Pole is angled towards our star. Svalbard is the place in Norway where the midnight sun occurs for the longest period. During the summer months, you can experience up to 24 hours of sunlight above the Arctic Circle, which means more time to enjoy the sights and make new discoveries.

The southernmost part of Northern Norway is called Helgeland and is situated just below the Arctic Circle. The whole area is an undiscovered gem. The landscape is also dotted by beautiful white beaches and picturesque fishing villages. This is the furthest north you can get in mainland Norway. Midnight sun chasers usually head to the North Cape , the northernmost point you can drive to in Europe. But Finnmark county, the kingdom of the king crab, is a massive area with plenty of untouched nature. In the far east, the Varanger area is known for its world-class birdwatching. Here, you can really talk about an endless day — the sun patrols the sky in almost uniform circles all summer.

Tip 2: Foreground images can be used to frame subjects in mid and deep field, creating a better sense of three-dimensionality. Explore the arctic wilderness by sea kayak under the magical light of the midnight sun, a natural phenomenon…. An active vacation to experience the wonders of Northern Norway. The journey is a 5-days self-drive tour….

Come along for an amazing tour around Longyearbyen in our restaurant bus, under the magical midnight sun. From May 21st until July 21st, we will experience the unique phenomena of the Midnightsun. Imagine having…. Experience Svalbard's unique wildlife from up close! Everyday we use our closed and comfortable RIB boats to…. Enjoy a scenic…. Small groups - Big experiences.

Experience the famous midnight sun, the scenic landscapes, impressive fjords…. The midnight sun is an amazing natural phenomenon that can…. Epic fjords, midnight sun and an unforgettable cruise aboard our comfortable catamaran.

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The golden moments…. The midnight sun, makes nighttime….

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The company provides boat transport and offers seaborne adventures all along the Helgeland coast, as well as…. Have an unforgettable adventure in the Arctic nature! A unique experience that you will never forget. Come on board of MS Capella, experience the day light in the middle of the night while sailing around the….

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